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Current Issues

There are many issues concerning rezoning and land use in our neighborhood along with other South Willamette neighborhoods.  A great deal of information can be found at the South Willamette Neighbors website.

Current Issues

South Willamette Special Area Zone

SHiNA, Southeast Neighbors, Amazon and Friendly joined to form the Council of South Eugene Neighborhoods to work on joint concerns.  The first concern being handled is this issue on SW-SAZ.  The following letter was drafted and approved by all the Neighborhood Association Boards and emailed to the Mayor, Council and City Manager.


January 15, 2016

Dear City Council, Mayor and City Manager,

The four city-chartered neighborhood associations that encompass or abut the South Willamette area are committed to a constructive, collaborative engagement regarding the future of all our neighborhoods, including the South Willamette area.

We seek to have land use, infrastructure and transportation planning produce outcomes that have broad community support as appropriate plans for future evolution of the established residential neighborhoods and businesses in this area. To aid in achieving this goal, and with the endorsement of our neighborhood association boards, CSEN will recommend a South Willamette Planning Team.

To ensure that residents, business owners and property owners within and around the south Willamette area develop shared goals, objectives and implementation recommendations for their community, we respectfully request City Council to take the following steps:


  1. Take no action on the proposed SW-SAZ plan as currently proposed.


  1. Direct that planning for the South Willamette area be a community-based public process, which requires meaningful involvement of a cross-section of affected citizens in all phases of the planning process. We do not support initiating a facilitation process before residents, business owners, and property owners within and around the South Willamette area have had the opportunity to develop a community proposal for goals, objectives and implementation recommendations.


  1. Direct that planning for the South Willamette area fully and faithfully conform to the Envision Eugene Pillars, especially Pillar 5: Protect, repair and enhance neighborhood livability.


  1. Consider a process by which a South Willamette Community Planning Team recommends goals, objectives and implementation steps.


  1. Consider that this process result in the adoption of a refinement plan for the South Willamette area.

Thank you for your consideration and support of our neighborhood communities.


Greg Giesy, Co-Chair Council of South Eugene Neighborhoods

Vic Hariton, Co-Chair Council of South Eugene Neighborhoods


Approved by the following neighborhood association boards:

Friendly Area Neighbors

Southwest Hills Neighborhood Association

Southeast Neighbors

Amazon Neighborhood Association



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