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SHiNA News, October 24, 2015 with announcements

From the Editor

Technical and other difficulties have interrupted the publication of this newsletter. We apologize for the delays.
There are three announcements that we all should be aware of:

1) As you likely already know, the City Council hearing about the proposed South Willamette special zone has been postponed and the staff has been directed to rework portions of the proposal. It’s not clear yet when the hearing will be held, but the earliest date is in January.

2) A development has been proposed for the intersection of 28th and Friendly. The church building there would be converted into townhouses. Developers are required to hold a meeting with the neighborhood association and citizens in the area. The people developing this property have been involved in other townhouse projects in the area and they are eager to hold such a meeting and hear what neighbors have to say. That meeting will be in the church building at 6 PM on November 5.

3) there are two very important meetings of our association about to occur.

On November 1 we will have a general meeting where the membership will ratify the appointment of board members for the coming year, and the Association will assemble a list of candidates for chair, vice chair, secretary, treasurer.

The officers will be elected at the subsequent general meeting, which will occur on November 15.

If you’re interested in nominating someone, or yourself, as one of our candidates for leadership, be sure to attend that meeting, as no additional candidates can be added at the time of the election on the 15th.

Then be sure that you attend on the 15th to debate policy directions and choose a leadership for the coming year.

Both of these meetings will also provide opportunities for discussion about our ongoing land-use issues: the South Willamette zoning plan and Rest Haven.

Note, though, that all three of the meetings are being held at different sites!

General meeting : to ratify board appointments, assemble a list of candidates, and discuss land use issues.
Sunday, Nov 1, 2015 @ 1:30pm-4:30pm
Good Samaritan Center, 3500 Hilyard Street
 Annual Nominations of SHiNA Board Officers
 Board Resolution & vote regarding S. Willamette Special Area Zone

Meeting with the developers at 28th and Friendly:
Thursday, November 5, 6 pm, in the church building on the site.

General meeting : to elect officers for the coming year, and discuss land use issues and policy directions and challenges.
Sunday, Nov 15, 2015 @ 2:00-4:00PM
Wayne Morse Family Farm, 595 Crest Drive
 Annual Election of SHiNA Board Officers
 Your Suggestions, Concerns, Plans for 2016

From the city:

Got a Great Idea for a Neighborhood Improvment??

Neighborhood Matching Grants!!
The City of Eugene Neighborhood Matching Grants cycle is now open with $50,000 available for neighborhood improvement and community-building projects. All projects are required to submit their project for a pre-review by November 11, 2015.

Community involvement and building relationships are key components and are encouraged by requiring that the project budget include a match amount equal to, or greater than, the grant request. Demonstrating responsible stewardship of our community assets while balancing our community’s social and environmental values are additional components of any project proposal submitted.

Projects must include a match equivalent to the request for funding which may come from volunteer efforts or donations and may include, but are not limited to:
Community improvement projects to assist with, or enhance the experience for those participating in, the 2016 US Olympic Track and Field Trials held in Eugene July 1-10, 2016.
Physical improvement projects that involve recreation or public safety facilities, natural resource features, public art and spaces, or community gardens. Projects that improve universal accessibility are also encouraged.
Public school partnership projects that benefit school children and the immediate neighborhood.
Neighborhood-based events and celebrations.
Capacity building initiatives that serve to create, diversify, or increase participation in a neighborhood-based organization or promote an understanding of issues important to neighborhood residents.
Outreach, research, education or organizing projects that address planning-related topics such as transportation (pedestrian or cyclist safety), land use (neighborhood or area planning) or public safety (disaster planning, neighborhood mapping, neighborhood safety).
Grant guidelines and application materials are available on the City’s web site,, and at the Permit and Information Center located at 99 W 10th or by calling Cindy Clarke at 541-682-5272.

Pre-review: All projects will be required to undergo a pre-review by November 11, 2015. This review for consistency with grant guidelines and existing plans and policies of the City and other partner agencies allows for the applicant to submit a robust and complete application for this competitive process.

Final applications are due on January 19, 2016. Awards will be announced in April 2016.

For more information about the Neighborhood Matching Grants Program, contact Cindy Clarke, 541-682-5272 or


18 January 2015
Wayne Morse Family Farm

DAVID KOLB, Recording Secretary and Treasurer


BETTY TAYLOR, City Councilor Ward 2
14 neighbors

2. Report from REST HAVEN.
3. Request for SUGGESTIONS, COMMENTS from attendees: what should the neighborhood organization work on this coming year?
4. If time permits: report on the CDCA CALENDAR.

Juan Carlos Valle started the meeting by thanking David Kolb for his efforts on behalf of the organization.

• David Kolb read the charter section outlining the purpose of the organization.
• David also showed a map with of the area to be added to the CDCA area in a hatched pattern. The new area includes approximately 850 taxlots.
• Discussion: David Berg, a resident of the to-be-added area, stated he can think of no “cons” in the change.

Charlie Quinn made a motion, seconded by Marion Sweeney:
MOVE TO ACCEPT ALL THREE CHANGES (the new charter, the name change, the border change) IN ONE MOTION.
This motion was withdrawn to allow separating the three changes.

Charlie Quinn made a motion, seconded by Marion Sweeney:
15 votes in support, 1 vote against.

Charlie Quinn made a motion, seconded by Marion Sweeney:
MOVE TO TRANSFER THE HATCHED AREA (on the map brought for illustration) FROM SOUTHEAST NEIGHBORS (SEN) TO THE SOUTHWEST HILLS NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION (SHNA) (until approved by City Council, the Crest Drive Citizens Association)
• Discussion about the number of households in the CDCA versus SEN. David Kolb stated there are approximately 2,900 households in the CDCA versus approximately 6,200 households in the SEN.

Eunice Kjaer made a motion, seconded by Marion Sweeney:
Unanimously accepted.

Presentation by David Kolb to illustrate the charter, bylaws division.
David Kolb made a motion, seconded by Darelle Baker:
Unanimously accepted.

Update on calendar sales by Kathy Bosteder. David Kolb mentioned that 101 photos submitted were voted on in an online poll, with fifteen clear top choices.

There are two issues: a proposed cell tower and development proposals.

AT&T wants to build a cell tower here along with a second cell tower at another location.

Rest Haven wants to build housing.
• Rest Haven has approximately 80 acres that are currently designated Parks and Open Space.
• Rest Haven proposes Metro Plan redesignation to Low Density Housing.
• In 2002, Rest Haven initiated a proposal for CIR (Controlled Income and Rent) development. Traffic plans required for other redesignations are not required for CIR development. The proposal has been withdrawn; there was uncertainty whether the option is still on the table. David Berg stated that the main objection from the neighbors to CIR is the loss of slope forestation and potential for subsequent erosion. He stated the neighbors are not against development but want to protect the slope at the edge of the Rest Haven property along Braeburn.
• Envision Eugene would like the site redesignated in order to be able to count it as acreage for housing so that less would be needed to be added to the UGB.
• Rest Haven currently has made a proposal to initiate a Metro Plan amendment to redesignate the area for Low Density Residential and make the zoning R-1. Privately initiated amendments have been done in the past.

• Make a major effort to encourage smaller neighborhood groups within the CDCA area to interact, socialize. People knowing one another is helpful in emergency situations as well.
• Find out what is happening and urge something be done with regard to the Crest Elementary school property. There was a comment that student levels fluctuate and that although enrollment may be low at this time, it will likely go up and the school may be needed again.
• Do something about the problems with the roundabout at Crest Drive and Lincoln Street. Two-thirds of people who responded to a CDCA request for comment want the roundabout gone, one-third is fine with it. There was a complaint about repeated flat tires.
• Question about the lack of center striping on Crest Drive. Comment that foglines would help prevent people from driving into ditches.
• The appearance of “no walking” signs on Horizon. Is one allowed to walk on that street? Item was moved to the “Parking Lot” for later discussion if time permits.
• Emergency preparedness in the Lafferty Park subsection of the CDCA area, as an example of what could be done in other smaller areas within our official neighborhood.
• Betty Taylor added if anything is to come before Council, it should be done as a group to achieve more impact. She also mentioned the traffic circle discussion is pretty much at a standstill at Council level and if enough interest exists, it should be brought to Council again, but this time it should be presented as a group effort.
• Suggestion for a “Welcome to your new neighborhood” hand-out for new residents.
• Follow through on suspicious activities in the neighborhood – thefts, mailbox vandalism, people casing houses. Know your neighbors, keep them informed.
• People with young children are moving into the area. Request for more family-based activities.
• Discussion of alternate meeting places. Request for a list for options. Have a meeting now and then on the west side of the CDCA area to involve neighbors there. Potential problem with meeting place changes: people may be confused about location and may skip meetings.

City Councilor Betty Taylor was asked for the most important items before Council at this time. She indicated
• MUPTE is the most immediate item
• the UGB expansion
• a levy to support the library, maybe add more branches
• park maintenance
• some people feel it would be a good idea to have a special district for libraries and a special district for parks

A number of attendees are confused by signs at the entrance of Horizon Road. Some people interpret the signs to say that non-residents are no longer allowed to walk there. They also expressed discomfort with signs that state the road is under 24 hour surveillance. CDCA will ask the city for clarification about private roads. [See the update below.]

The meeting was adjourned at 3:50pm.

Submitted by Francina Verrijt

January 8, 2013 CDCA Board Mtg, Market of Choice
7:00 pm
Those present: David Kolb, Eunice Kjaer, Nora Hagerty, Karen Austin.
We decided to hold the next board meeting on Feb. 5th (Market of Choice) and complete planning for our next winter Social Event and future events & meetings. We decided on hosting a Midwinter Fun event on Sat 2/9 in the Morse Family Farm house, 2 – 4 pm. Nora will make sure of the availability. We’ll have charades-like games available, maybe some young kid games, and have hot drinks.
We decided there will be no general meeting in January nor in April.
We talked about ideas for general meeting topics between now and the Fall:
Nora suggested having a speaker to talk about gardening. Karen will talk to a friend who teaches a gardening class @ LCC who might come and teach people how to start plants from seeds. We could also mention a possible neighborhood garden and create some interest. Nora offered to talk to someone from the city about space @ Morse Family Farm. Karen will talk to 4J staff about the possibility of using the Crest School lot on Crest Drive corner. This garden focused event could be combined with a Spring general meeting, possibly on Tuesday, March 12th@ the Morse Family farm house.
Nora also suggested doing a book theme during a community event or general meeting. People could talk about one of their favorite books, or discuss favorite authors, or favorite gardening books. Another idea is having a local author come and talk about the writing process. Nora will contact some authors about interest & availability. A good topic for a Fall general meeting.
Eunice suggested talking about Global Climate Change – maybe a speaker who would talk about what neighbors can do to lower our carbon footprints. We could use a movie or a speaker to help spark a group conversation. Karen suggested Carbon Nation as a good, thoughtful documentary which would spur discussion and ideas. People that we might ask about finding potential local speakers on topics such as climate change and ideas for changing resource use, sharing resources with neighbors, fixing things rather than purchasing. Ideas to refine our ideas & find possible speakers included: Sarah Grimm (Lane Co. waste reduction & Crest Drive neighbor), the Committee on Sustainability, or Master Gardeners. Another possible topic for Fall general meeting.
Nora asked if someone from our board could come and be represented at the annual Morse Family Farm Open House. The date is likely May 12th & she will let us know. We liked the idea of one or more board members setting up a table with posters from NS, information about CDCA, history posters, and with a stack of David’s neighborhood oral history books to sell. We could have a board meeting after this event at Morse Family Farm if desired.
If we want to have a summer social event, it could be a garden party as we’ve had recently, or a picnic at the Morse Family Farm like last year’s, or it could be picnic with participation in the National Night Out (the first Tuesday of August), a police event where they come to neighborhoods to raise awareness of anti-crime efforts. More discussion to come.
There has been some mail theft in our neighborhood. David will send this info out in the next email.
We do not have enough $ in our budget to cover another mailing to publicize future events & meetings this year (ending June 30). Those present were satisfied with David sending out an email to about 280 persons for which he has emails, attaching a flier that email recipients can post & distribute, and board members posting fliers, instead of a more costly and wasteful mailing.
There is a home on Storey Blvd. just south of Lorane Hwy. that has a lawn sign that reads “Save our Street,” If anyone knows what this sign means please let us know.
January – no general meeting.
February 5th – Board Mtg, planning future events.
February 9th – Midwinter Fun social event, Morse Family farm house.
March 12 (?) – Spring Gardening & general meeting, Morse Family farm house.
April – no general meeting.
May 12th (?) – Morse Family Farm Open House. CDCA w/ neighborhood history table.
Board Mtg to follow?
August – Possible Garden Party or National Night Out Picnic.
Fall – General Mtg, w/ topic possibilities such as Climate change, Favorite Authors/Books/Writing.

8:30 pm – Meeting adjourned. Karen Austin, Secretary.

CDCA General Meeting Tuesday, November 20, 2012
Morse Family Farm, Crest Dr., 7 pm ~ 8: 30 pm

Board members & neighbors present: David Kolb, Eunice Kjaer, Jennifer Wuite de Valle, Karen Austin; about 10 neighbors here.

Board member elections: We elected our officers and board: David Kolb as chair and treasurer, Jennifer Wuite de Valle as vice-chair, Karen Austin as Secretary, Francina Verrijt and Eunice Kjaer as board members.

Chris Henry, Trish Thomas, city staff, spoke with us, along with consultant Julie Fischer (Cogito) about the Willamette Street Improvement Plan, part of Envision Eugene plan.

The South Willamette Street Improvement Plan will explore options for people to easily and safely walk, bike, take the bus, or drive in an eight-block study area from 24th Avenue to 32nd Avenue. The goal of this study is to help South Willamette Street become a vibrant urban corridor accessible by bicycle, foot, car, and bus.

Discussion between presenters and neighborhood participants included some good questions:

How will the specifics of the plan be realized by property owners? New development occurs only when property owners
choose. The realization of changes proposed in the plan would be completely dependent on property owners making decisions about their own properties.

How will the traffic rerouting from Willamette affect W. 29th to W. 28th St.? City and contractors will have a schedule for construction in specific areas to decrease disruption to large areas.

What would be the motivation for business owners to change their design and allow public access to their front space? Incentives will be developed over time, including tax incentives, improvements to the street infrastructure, and partnerships.

Is there an active business association? Southtowne Business Association.

One person commented: What this area needs more than anything is a department store.

Last agenda item: David asked participants: What should our board be working on?

David mentioned that our board has been working on green living, sustainability, emergency preparedness. We have had meetings which included police who educated us on crime prevention, and have advertised recent crime prevention education sessions in town. We have covered land use in our neighborhood, but there are no current changes in this area. David commented that the 4J school district does not yet know what they will do with the Crest Drive School. The city may decide to sell the property but no word yet. Should we continue with any of these issues, or cover any new issues? Would neighbors like to see more community events to get neighbors together?

Karen Austin, secretary

Minutes from the CDCA Board meeting, September 11, 2012

Members Present: David Kolb, Francina Verrijt, Jenifer Wuite de Valle

The board agreed to refer to the general meeting athe request from FAN to write a letter about the proposal to locate a new Roosevelt school at Civic Stadium.

A list of questions for candidates was developed. David Kolb will circulate draft versions.

The slate of candidates for the November election: Chair, David Kolb; Vice-chair, Jenifer Wuite de Valle; Secretary, Karen Austin; Treasurer, David Kolb. Board Members: Jenifer Wuite de Valle, Michele Miller

Other nominations will be encouraged at the September meeting.

Meeting times and topics:
September 18: general meeting, candidate slate, Patricia Thomas on the planning for the Southtowne Willamette area,
October: no board meeting, no general meeting
November 13: board meeting
November 20: general meeting, election, Julie Fischer on the planning for Willamette Street.
December 4: board meeting to plan social event, winter meetings
December: no general meeting
end January or early February: warm-up social party

We discussed topics and tours for the NUSA 2014 conference.

(David Kolb, secretary pro tem)

Minutes of

January 2012 General Meeting; the minutes are in the main article.


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